Starting Fire Without Matches

Fire and human beings are very close and this is because of the various importance that the fire has for example, fire can be used to cook food, create warmth and such like things. When you are in a camping site or you have gone hunting, a fire can be very vital for visibility. You can light fire so that you can see your prey and at the same time, you can still use it to scare away the dangerous animals. In most of these situations, you might find yourself without a matchstick to light fire and you need to use it. There are some methods that you can use to start a fire without using matches and this is based on the principle of friction where when you rub two items together some heat is produced and you then use that heat for other purposes.

This technique is not for the people who give up quickly and this is because it takes quite some time before you can see the actual fire. One of the ways that you can use to light fire without matches is by using lenses. These lenses will concentrate the light from the sun at a particular point where you would like to light up. It is advisable for example that you use some dried grass so that they can catch fire very fast. This is the simplest method of them all and it happens to be also among the first. To learn more, go here waterproof matches care

You can also use ice to light a fire and this is by making it into a shape of a lens and using it. It is a very common method of lighting a fire. When you are in a survival situation, your ability to light a fire in the wilderness will determine whether you will survive or not. When in the forest, there is a lot of harm that one is faced with for example insect bites that can be poisonous, hypothermia and such like things. Amazingly most of all these things can be cured by just lighting a simple fire. The fire will aid in warding off the predators and the insects that might cause you to fall ill and at the same time it will also provide you with warmth. Also in case you are lost in the wilderness and you do not know your way around the forest, you can use fire as a signal to ask for help. Know more about survival lighters at this website

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