How To Build A Survival Fire

One day, you may find yourself in a situation that requires survival and the ability to make fire would be one of the most important things for your survival. When one's body temperature drops as low as two degrees, a fire is the only thing that can stand between freezing to death and you. A nice warm fire therefore makes a difference between despair and hope. This article therefore provides the basics on how to build a fire in survival situations.

The first thing is to consider the location. This is largely depended on the direction which the wind is blowing from as well as ground conditions. The fire site selected should be out of the wind in order to maintain the fire as well as it should be built on a dry ground. Check out the everstryke pro online to know more. 

It is common knowledge that fire cannot be stated without fuel. The best case scenario may be that you are surrounded by dead wood and dry grass just waiting to be collected. However, it may be a challenge to find dry tinder in wet conditions. Tinder is the most basic part of any fire as it the fine materials that help in catching spark. Tinder may be dry wood, grass, twigs as well as your cloth. If one has a knife, it may be good to use it to whittle sticks into a pile of shavings. However, to avoid all this hassle, it may be good to always carry a wilderness pack around when going out in the woods. There are some commercial fire starter kits available today and they may come in handy on a survival situation. Tinder may include: cotton balls covered in petroleum jelly, steel wool, dry lint as well as pine wood chunks.

One may lack a bic lighter or even some matches, and this should not make one despair as there are many other ways which one could use to start a fire. Tinder burns quickly and therefore before setting a spark ready, make sure you have the bundle of twigs ready. Make sure that the twigs are arranged in such a way that the narrower ends are up and thicker ends at the bottom.

The easiest way to start a fire is by finding steel such as that of your survival knife and sticking it against a flint to catch sparks and then blowing the sparks to life in order to catch the tinder. However, if it was a sunny day, having standard lenses may help light a fire. Then hold the lenses tilted to the sun and hold it till it lights. Patience and a steady hand is however required. Know what is a ferro rod here to know more. 

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